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Ketamine is a medication used widely to induce and maintain anesthesia. While known in medicine for its sedative properties and on the vivid hallucination it causes, it can also protect the brain, reduce  depression and alleviate the symotoms of PTSD. Ketamine also known as Ketalar or ketaject is a drug that initiates and maintains ansthesia. The original drug was first discovered in the early 1960s and approved for use in the United State in 1970. Now it is considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the safest and mosty essential drugs in a health system.

  • Ketamine Aids in Treating Depression
  • Ketamine Reduces Pain
  • Ketamine Promotes Sleep
  • Ketamine Reduces Seizures
  • Ketamine Protects the Brain
  • Ketamine REduces Symtoms of PTSD
  • Ketamine may improve Asthma Symptoms
  • Ketamine helps with Obsesssive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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Uses of Ketamine

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